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Four Reasons Why a Summer Dance Intensive is Safer than a Dance Competition

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Four Reasons Why a Summer Dance Intensive is Safer than a Dance Competition

As states across the country begin looking at reopening their economies and returning to normal life activities, it’s time to begin asking what activities you will participate in when quarantine lifts in your area. For many dancers, this means making decisions about which dance activities are safest to participate in. Is a summer dance intensive still a safe option? Or would a dance competition be safer?

When determining the safety of any activities during this challenging time, a few of the things to consider are the number of people to whom you will be exposed, the facilities where the activities will be held, and the overall cleanliness of the activity. Will social distancing guidelines be observed, or will that even be possible given the environment? From a financial perspective it’s also important to determine what happens if an activity is unable to be held.

Based on these considerations, here are a few reasons why we believe a summer dance intensive is a safer option for dancers this summer than a dance competition or contest.

  1. Limited Class Sizes

    At Joffrey Ballet School, our intensives are limited to class sizes of only about 25 students. We hold our intensives in large studio spaces, which generally make it possible for us to observe appropriate social distancing of approximately 6 to 10 feet of space between each student. You will only be exposed to these dancers and those you may interact with in the dorms for the duration of a week (or more) long intensive. In a dance competition, on the other hand, as many as 500 to 1,000 individual dancers and teams will share the stage and venue with limited time between numbers. Through the course of a competition day, you could be exposed to hundreds of other dancers, audience members, judges and others, making a competition a potentially riskier activity in terms of virus spread than a smaller intensive. Overnight stays in hotels could expose you even more.

  2. Effective Sick Policies

    A major disadvantage of a dance competition is that dancers may be so motivated to compete and win that they may not self-isolate if they begin experiencing symptoms of illness. There’s no guarantee that anyone will be checking contestants and others as they enter the venue to ensure they aren’t exhibiting a fever or other symptoms. Most competitions don’t have a policy to ensure that dancers who are ill are kept away if they are symptomatic. At Joffrey, if one of our dancers is ill, they are required to stay in the dorm until their symptoms improve. If they are displaying symptoms of Coronavirus, parents will be notified in order to make arrangements to return home or make decisions about medical assistance.

  3. Clean Facilities

    Before each intensive and between each class, Joffrey staff diligently clean and disinfect all practice and performance spaces to ensure that our facilities are as clean as possible. This includes wiping down all floors, barres, mirrors, door knobs and surfaces in general, after each class with medical grade sanitizer. We also partner with third party organizations such as universities for our housing and food service options. These facilities are also kept clean and disinfected by those organizations to restrict disease transmission. At a crowded dance competition with hundreds or thousands in attendance, there’s no way to ensure that facilities are kept clean and disease free at all times.

  4. Insurance to Protect Tuition / Fees

    Most dance competitions are unable to process refunds in the event that a competition can’t be held due to social distancing regulations. And there’s no insurance policy that can protect your entrance fees. At Joffrey, we’ve solved this problem by partnering with A+ Program Protection to provide insurance to protect our dancers’ and their families’ investments should we be forced to cancel a summer intensive session. Just $99 safeguards your tuition and travel expenses if a dancer or their parents loses their job, becomes ill or are unable to attend our intensives. Pandemic and epidemic claims ARE INCLUDED. However, please note that we are unable to process refunds due to our contractual obligations to the third party organizations that host our intensives. Therefore, we strongly recommend purchasing insurance for any summer dance intensives you consider attending this summer.

At Joffrey, we understand how challenging it is for dancers and their families to determine what the best course of action is for summer plans. But when considering the evidence about limited class sizes, facility cleaning, sick policies and insurance, it’s clear that a summer dance intensive is a safer option than a dance competition. 

Why be crammed into a competition venue with hundreds of other dancers, parents, judges and observers when you can attend a week-long dance intensive with just 25 other students and a renowned master instructor who provides one-on-one corrections to help you improve? Register today to audition online for one of our summer dance intensives across the country, and get ready to have the best summer of your life!

Learn more:

How a Summer Dance Intensive Can Help You Train for a Dance Competition

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How a Summer Dance Intensive Can Help You Train for a Dance Competition

Dance competitions are fiercely competitive and highly professional, yet they are also subjective. Judges are looking not just for the quality of your choreography, precision and placement of your footwork but also at the intangible elements of your performance: musicality, artistry, creativity and perhaps most elusively, the ability to convey and evoke emotion – to make judges and audiences feel something unexpected.

With such a challenging set of criteria, what’s the best way for young dancers to train for a dance competition? We think there are three main areas to focus on – coaching, versatility and experience – and all of them can be accomplished by attending a Joffrey Summer dance intensive. 

Train with a Winning Coach

Like most competitive disciplines, dance competitions are often won by dancers who train with instructors who have coached previous winners. This is because these instructors have a strong understanding of what today’s judges are looking for; they can teach you how to deliver what judges want to see and how to avoid the mistakes judges don’t want to see.

One option for training with a winning coach is to consider a summer dance intensive directed by an instructor noted for their students’ success in dance competitions. Josie Walsh, Joffrey Ballet School’s Artistic Director for the Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York summer dance intensives, has coached numerous dancers to success in competitions such as the Youth American Grand Prix (YAGP), NBC’s World of Dance and America’s Got Talent. She has even been awarded YAGP’s Outstanding Choreography award and has been featured in their New York City gala.

Train Across Multiple Disciplines

Competition dance isn’t Classical Ballet. It isn’t Contemporary. It isn’t Jazz dance, Hip Hop or Musical Theater, either. It requires dancers to show their artistry and versatility across these disciplines, and others. Winning dancers must put multiple elements and disciples together to deliver something unique and memorable.  

In short, you need to be what we at Joffrey call “the dancer who has it all.” Studying multiple disciplines enhances your artistry, improves your technique and spurs your creativity, so you can bring “the total package” to your competition routines.

Why is versatility and exposure to multiple disciplines so important? It’s a given that to win in competition you need to have a strong foundation in dance, such as tight footwork, a strong frame and clean body lines. Classical or contemporary ballet is still one of the best ways to master these elements. But to catch the judge’s eye as a competition dancer and engage their imagination, you’ll need multiple sources to pull from in your routine to be able to deliver something truly unique. 

Joffrey Ballet School’s summer dance intensives offer a perfect opportunity to train across disciplines as you can choose between so many disciplines. You can choose between multiple locations too. Interested in studying Latin dance? Be deeply immersed in our Miami Latin fusion intensive. Interested in classical or contemporary ballet? Choose from several intensives in various locations, including New York, San Francisco, Denver, Los Angeles and more. Curious about musical theater or commercial dance? Choose an intensive in New York, Las Vegas or LA. With Joffrey, the options are practically limitless.

Gain Performance Experience

They say experience is the best teacher and when it comes to dance competitions, that’s definitely true. Experience teaches how to handle pressure, how to recover quickly and gracefully from a mistake, and how to connect with audiences and judges. This knowledge plays a role in determining who wins or loses in a dance competition. Performing also teaches you how to prepare for performances, manage pre-performance nerves and gain confidence in your ability to perform under stress.

That said, a dance competition is not necessarily the best place to gain performance experience. Judges have long memories, and you will often see the same judges at multiple competitions. You want to be remembered as a dancer that brought them a polished, finished performance, not the dancer who appeared to be learning as they went, so gaining performance experience outside of competitions is a critical element of your preparation.

Fortunately, Joffrey’s summer dance intensives offer multiple performance opportunities. Most Joffrey intensives offer in-studio dance performances for family and friends, as well as gala performances in professional performance venues. You’ll gain experience and confidence  performing on a large stage in front of a real audience.

Train for Your Next Competition with Joffrey!

A Joffrey Ballet School summer dance intensive can deliver the training, versatility and experience you need to be successful in future dance competitions. Register for an audition with us today!

Advice From Joffrey Alumni: Seven Strategies for Acing the Summer Dance Intensive Audition

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Advice From Joffrey Alumni: Seven Strategies for Acing the Summer Dance Intensive Audition

It’s that time of year again! The Joffrey Ballet School audition tour is traveling around the world looking for the next crop of dancers to join us at our 2020 summer dance intensives in New York, Las Vegas, London, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Texas, and elsewhere. And who knows? Some of those dancers we select may even be invited to join our year round trainee program! 

For many young dancers who will audition with us this year, it might be your first time participating in an audition of this nature and we know there’s a lot riding on your performance. You might be feeling a little nervous, wondering how you can stand out and be in that group of dancers we will select to join us this summer. 

We think the best people to ask about how to stand out in our audition process are young professional dancers who stood in your pointe shoes or dance slippers not so long ago. They too were looking for their chance to join us – and they got it! These recent students of our summer dance intensives and year round training programs are now working professionals for whom auditioning is a way of life. 

They came through for us with seven tips for acing your next audition – whether it’s auditioning for a summer dance intensive with us, or another opportunity.

Be More Than a Dancer; Be an Artist

Recent Joffrey success story Harold Trent Butler came to us just a few years ago as a hip hop dancer; he left as a working professional with a passion for contemporary ballet. He just wrapped up a contract with Martha Graham’s second company, Graham 2, where he was able to dance in some of Graham’s best known works, including Appalachian Spring, Embattled Garden and Secular Games.

For Harold, his audition with us was actually a pivotal moment in his dance career. As he told us, “The very first time I ever touched a ballet barre was at my audition for the Joffrey Ballet School. Thankfully, the school’s director, Era Jouravlev, gave me the opportunity of a lifetime!”

Harold’s advice on how to stand out when auditioning?

“One piece of advice I would like to share with dancers interested in pursuing this as a career is a lesson I learned from the former Artistic Director of the Joffrey Ballet School,  Michael Blake: ‘In order to be successful in this business you have to be more than a dancer – you have to be an artist.’ ” 

Harold said,

“There will be hundreds of talented dancers in the audition room with you and it’s your job to stand out. Agents, directors, and choreographers are looking for artists who are fearless! You have to be versatile, you have to be quick on your feet, and you have to be confident in the attributes that make you unique as a performer.”

Be Authentic

Fifteen year old Aidan Wolf is a Joffrey success story at a very young age. Currently she’s dancing with one of America’s top contemporary ballet companies, Complexions, based out of New York City. But she got her start even earlier on the other side of the country: she began dancing at age three in Colorado.

Aidan found her way to Joffrey at age 10 when she auditioned to join us in Los Angeles for a summer dance intensive. She was later selected for a merit scholarship to join our New York City Jazz and Contemporary trainee program. Today she’s a working dance professional in the “City that Never Sleeps”-  at an age when most people her age are still in high school.

Aidan’s auditioning advice?

“My best piece of advice for young dancers to stand out in auditions is to bring your most authentic self,” said Aidan. “By that I mean, don’t try to conform to those you are ‘competing’ with. What you bring to an audition is your sense of individuality and that is what will get you hired for the job best fitting for you. Always listen to the choreographer’s corrections and match the style asked for, but don’t ignore your creativity and authenticity because that is what will get you noticed in the long run.

“Directors seek those who know how to both conform and stand out,” said Aidan. “So know who you are and never give up searching!”

Make a Positive First Impression

Auditioning is essentially like a job interview, or an interview to become a student at a prestigious school or university. So, it’s not just dance skills that are being assessed when you go in for your audition. Establishing trust and making a positive first impression are critical. After all, no director or instructor wants to hire a dancer or take on a student who is going to be difficult or unpleasant to be around.

“The audition starts the second you walk into the building,” says Amber Weissman, a 2019 graduate of Joffrey Ballet School who is currently volunteering with the non-profit organization SheWinS in Memel, South Africa.

“Be kind and approachable to the people around you especially in the audition room. More often than not the person behind the table, whoever you are auditioning for, wants to not only trust you as a dancer but also trust you as a person. They want to see that you’re kind, respectful, and an easy person to work with in and outside of the studio.”

And it’s not just the directors, choreographers and instructors that you want to impress positively. You also want to make positive impressions on other dancers in your audition. 

“So much of this career is built off of forming connections with your peers,” said Amber. “ Down the line, the person standing next to you in the audition room could very well end up being the person behind the table auditioning you. You just never know.”

Get Out of Your Own Way

“For me, auditions are never really about the choreography,” said Angelina Barbosa, who recently wrapped up a busy Christmas season, dancing 16 to 20 shows per week in the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular. “Most of the time the choreography is something you’ve done before if you’ve had training.”

Like many other dancers, Angelina’s big audition challenge was nerves. So for her, remembering to have faith in herself and her abilities – and getting out of her own way – is the key to a great audition.

“At the end of the day you’re the only one who’s gonna get in your way,” said Angelina.

“When it comes to auditions, what you really get caught up in is the pressure. Pressure of the people sitting on the other side of the table. Pressure on yourself. I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself to try to be perfect, and not mess up the choreography, but most of the time it’s just me psyching myself out.”

Approach Auditions as a Learning Opportunity

Angelina shared with us some of her key strategies for staying out of her own head during auditions.

She said,

“If you approach each audition like a class, it’s a lot easier and you don’t feel so much pressure.”

At Joffrey Ballet School, we like to say that each audition is like a 90 minute master class with some of the dance world’s greatest instructors. You’ll have the opportunity to work with master instructors like Era Jouravlev, Colleen Barnes and Yusha Sorzano, Artistic Directors of our Ballet intensives; Lisette and David Lucas, Artistic Directors of our Hip Hop intensives; Angelica Stiskin, Josie Walsh, Max Baud, Matthew Prescott, Artistic Directors of our Jazz and Contemporary, Musical Theater and Commercial dance intensives. 

So if nerves are a challenge for you, try approaching your audition as simply an opportunity to learn from the best. This allows you to focus on the right things and take something positive home with you no matter what happens during the audition.

Remember to Have Fun!

Auditions are exciting. They can also bring out fear of failure or rejection that can prevent you from dancing your best. So, Angelina Barbosa says, it’s crucial to keep the audition fun and not get too caught up in whether you get a yes or a no.

“Whatever you do,” said Angelina, “just try and have fun. Don’t take the outcome so much to heart because there will be a lot of no’s before there is a yes. So if you can relax and just have a good time, auditioning is much easier.”

Feel the Love in the Room

And finally, remember that no one at that audition wants to see you fail. Everyone is there because they love dance. By extension, they love dancers – and that includes you!

“Everyone in the room wants you to succeed, especially the people that sit on the other side of the table,” said Angelina.

“You can feel the love and support. So if you think in your head it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get the part and you gave it your all, you can walk away from the audition being proud of yourself whether you got the job or not.”

Joffrey’s California Summer Dance Intensives

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Joffrey’s California Summer Dance Intensives

Joffrey’s San Francisco Contemporary Ballet Intensive

Joffrey’s San Francisco Contemporary Ballet summer dance intensive is a fusion of the highest level of classical ballet technique, pointe, contemporary ballet, modern and contemporary dance preparing dancers for the professional concert dance world both classical and contemporary as well as the demanding college circuit. Artistic Director Josie Walsh designed this program for dancers seeking a bridge to their classical training into the contemporary ballet world and for contemporary dancers seeking refinement into the concert dance realm creating an all-around versatile artist.

In 2020, the San Francisco dance intensives will be offered from July 13 through July 31. Classes are held in the Wellness Center at the City College of San Francisco. Classes include classical and contemporary ballet, pointe, variations, contemporary dance, modern, improv, partnering and repertory. On the performance track dancers train 7hrs per day. Five hrs of classes followed by a 2 hour of creative rehearsal process with our world class choreographers for our culminating performance at the McKenna Theatre on campus.

Students will learn from renowned instructors and dance professionals including Artistic Director Josie Walsh, Adam Sklute, Bradley Shelver, Andrew Brader, Angela Rebelo, Allison DeBona and many others.

Dancers ages 12 and up who require housing will live in the Mary Ward Hall dormitory at San Francisco State University. Many fun sight seeing excursions around SF are planned for our housing students to sign up for.

At the end of the third week, intensive students on the performance track will perform in a professionally produced concert dance performance at the McKenna Theater on the campus of San Francisco State University. Dancers who would like to perform must attend the last two weeks of the intensive in order to participate.

Joffrey West: Fusion Dance Intensive – Located in Long Beach

Like our San Francisco intensive, the Joffrey West Fusion Dance Intensive in Long Beach is led by Artistic Director Josie Walsh and is ultimate fusion of cutting edge commercial dance, TV, film, stage and concert dance.

This is an excellent intensive for dancers from 8 to 25 years old with professional aspirations, as students in this intensive will have the exclusive opportunity to audition for the major Los Angeles based dance talent agency Go2Talent. Go2Talent will also attend our culminating performance. Between the exclusive audition and performance students get the chance to be signed by this major agency joining their star-studded roster! Head shots and dance photography will also be available for booking on-site creating the complete package to go pro.

The 2020 Joffrey West Fusion dance intensive will be held over the course of three weeks, from June 8 through June 26. Dancers can choose to attend one, two or three week sessions – those wanting to participate in the final performance are required to attend the second and third week sessions.

Joffrey West offers a wide variety of styles built on a solid foundation of technique. Classes include ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, ballroom, bollywood, latin fusion, musical theatre, improv, composition and pointe (twice a week) are offered. Five hours of classes plus a two hour rehearsal process totaling seven hours of dance daily on the performance track! Culminating our intensive is a fully produced show at a huge campus Theater.

Location: University Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Blvd Long Beach Ca 90840-720

Students will have the opportunity to work closely with the industries leading choreographers and master teachers such as Talia Favia, Chaz Buzan, Teddy Forance, Mark Meismer, Rudy Abreu, Zoi Tatopoulos, Kayla Kalbfleisch Renee Kester and many many more.

As with all Joffrey intensives, the dormitory experience, age 12 and up, is fully chaperoned by resident advisors who strive to provide a safe, welcoming and fun atmosphere for all our dancers. Fun sight-seeing weekend excursions are planned for our housing students to sign up for.

Learn from the best, dance with the best! Make vital connections with the industries leading choreographers and get signed with a top dance agency only at Joffrey West!

How To Audition for Our California Dance Intensives

If you’re looking to further your dance skills and education, while enjoying everything California has to offer, then it’s time to register with us and plan your audition! Our California summer dance intensives follow the same admissions procedures as our NYC and other intensives.

Dancers must attend one of our auditions around the US or in some cases where traveling to an audition isn’t possible, they may submit an online audition. Keep in mind each audition is more than just an audition it is a Master Class conducted by a Master Joffrey Instructor. You will learn and have a superb dance experience. Our audition process allows us to place each dancer at an appropriate level within their intensive and will also help to qualify dancers for scholarships and acceptance.

Ready to take the next step in your dance career? Register for one of our California summer dance intensives today!

What is the Best Summer Dance Intensive for You?

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What is the Best Summer Dance Intensive for You?

Whether you’re a parent of a dancer or a young dancer yourself, choosing the best summer dance intensive for a beginner, intermediate or advanced level dancer can be a bit challenging. Fortunately, at the Joffrey Ballet School we offer something for everyone, so it’s easy to find a program that is suitable for you as long as you understand some of the criteria you should consider.

What to Consider When Choosing an Intensive

There are several criteria that you should consider when looking for the best summer dance intensive. These include:

  • Location
  • Instruction and training
  • Dance style
  • Maturity, experience and goals

Let’s consider these criteria in more detail.


While not perhaps the most important consideration when selecting a summer dance intensive, the location of your intensive is something that must be considered. At Joffrey Ballet School (JBS), we offer intensives in locations across the country including NYC, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and Dallas. Some of our most popular intensives are our New York City dance intensives, but for younger or less experienced dancers, the prospect of spending several weeks away from home might be a daunting one.

Fortunately, we understand the concerns that dancers and parents may have and have worked hard to provide programs that put the safety and welfare of our dancers first at all of our locations. 

All of our programs are structured similarly in terms of housing, food and chaperones for the dancers. Housing is provided in dorms at local universities, with food provided in dining halls near the dorms and between classes. Dancers are chaperoned in groups of five kids at a time to ensure dancers are able to navigate from dorms to meals to class and back again, and even pick them up at the airport to ensure they arrive safely at our program. 

In the dorms, dancers are supervised by resident advisors (RAs) who organize fun activities such as pizza parties, water balloon fights, swimming in the university pool and more to ensure that dancers are having fun in class and out.

It’s important to point out that these safeguards for our summer intensives are even in place for our New York intensives. Ours are the only intensives in New York that are chaperoned to this degree and where meals are provided for the dancers. Most intensives in New York City require dancers to be mature and independent enough to obtain meals and get themselves from their housing accommodations to class on their own, making them suitable mainly for older dancers. 

At Joffrey Ballet School, all of our New York City programs are more closely supervised and housing is provided in secure dorms at local universities such as NYU and Pace University. Because of this, we are able to provide a safe and fun experience even for our younger and beginner dancers while providing the superb level of training and artistry levels for the highest level of pre-professionals.

The Joffrey Ballet School has amazing summer programs in Contemporary Ballet, Cirque Arts, Jazz & Contemporary, Classical Ballet, Musical Theater, Fusion (Ballet in the morning and jazz and contemporary in the afternoon) Hip Hop, & Tap.

Our summer dance intensives are located in


All of our summer dance intensives have beginner levels all the way up through pre-professional and are suitable for serious dancers at every level. The Joffrey Ballet School’s summer dance intensives follow the same guidelines and offer the same level of world-class instruction regardless of the location. All students receive corrections in each class. Teachers in all programs get to know the dancers, see them grow and are able to help them build on strengths and correct weaknesses. This is a very critical in helping a dancer grow and mature. 

That said there are some differences between the programs. One of the biggest considerations when it comes to instruction and training is the Artistic Director you’ll be working with and the Style of Dance Training at that intensive. Each program is led by an artistic background recognized as the best in their craft at the style of dance they’re teaching. 

For most dancers, the only other way to work with some of these instructors is in a large ballroom setting, with up to 500 other students vying for the instructors attention. At the Joffrey Ballet School intensives, you’ll be one of just 25 to 30 students receiving individual instruction from the world’s best dance professionals. 

For instance, our Los Angeles, NYC ballet & San Francisco intensives are led by Josie Walsh, one of the most influential teachers and choreographers in the country. Her choreography has been featured on “So You Think You Can Dance,” and her students have won the Youth American Grand Prix numerous times. If you want to work with her, or one of the other world-class instructors at the Joffrey Ballet School, you’ll want to choose your intensive on that basis.

It’s also worth noting that while all of our intensives offer performance opportunities, opportunities are more advanced in certain locations. Our Los Angeles (Commercial Dance Intensive) performances are held in a $10 million facility that most dancers wouldn’t be able to perform in until they reach the professional level. 


Another major consideration when determining the best summer dance intensives for beginner to pre-professionals is the style of dance that you want to study. This will drive the decision about which location and instructor you should consider for your intensive.

Each of our locations focuses on a different style of dance, with several styles of dance intensives offered in New York City. If you’re interested in commercial dance – the type of dance you might do in Broadway shows, at theme parks, in movies or on television – then you’ll want to attend our summer dance intensive for commercial dance held in Los Angeles.

If you’re interested in hip-hop or musical theater, you’ll want to attend our hip-hop dance or musical theater intensives in New York. For contemporary ballet dancers who want exposure to the newest ideas in ballet, you’ll want to attend our summer dance intensive in San Francisco. If you can’t decide between classical ballet or jazz contemporary, you can attend one of our fusion programs in Dallas or Miami.

And if you’re interested in either jazz contemporary or a more acrobatic style of dance, you can attend one of our intensives in Las Vegas. Our Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil intensive program offers not just dance training but an opportunity to study at the Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil training center, where you will learn acrobatics, juggling and acting as well as dance. It’s an amazing experience for a young dancer.

If you are seeking superb Classical Ballet Training in a safe campus setting for your child than the Georgia and Colorado are your superb choices. Georgia also provides an EPIC jazz and contemporary intensive that will truly elevate your talent.

Now the Flagship Jazz & Contemporary Program is located in NYC. This is where the culmination of artistic excellence is located and all the faculty are celebrated world dancing professionals. This program is led by Angelica Stiskin, a true visionary that leads this program to its ultimate HUGE performance at the end of the five week intensive.

NYC Ballet Intensive Flagship EXPERIENCE. This intensive led by Josie Walsh brings together all that is Joffrey. There is no other intensive that encompasses classical and contemporary Ballet in conjunction with teachers flown in from around the entire world. Your dancer will be challenged, pushed to their dance limits and transformed as a dancer. The HUGE NYC Performance is unlike any other performance for student dancers in the world. Simply stated this is the culmination is Joffrey teaching at its pinnacle.

Now if Musical Theater is your happy place and singing, dancing, and everything broadway is you then the NYC Musical Theater Program is your choice. This EXPERIENCE is unlike any other. We have hired existing NYC Broadway Professionals and each week the Joffrey focuses in on a different Broadway Show inspired Choreography, Singing, and Artistry Experience. Then, at the end of each week you will go and see the show that you are studying each week. Many of the teachers are working professionals from each show. You are being trained by professionals from each show each week while making your own contacts and Musical Theater Dreams come true. Every Joffrey Intensive would not be complete without an immersive and Huge Performance Spectacular and the NYC Musical Intensive Performance lives up to that fact.

Dallas and Miami will not let you down as superb Fusion Intensives. What is a Fusion Intensive? It is just the best of both worlds providing Ballet Training in the morning and Jazz and Contemporary Training in the afternoon to produce the most well rounded dancer possibile. The artistic excellence at these two programs is unique as world renkowned ballet and jazz faculty unit to elevate your artistry in both worlds. These challenging and unrelenting intensives are a True Joffrey Experience crafting and shaping your dancers into a true versatile artist. Each intensive has a HUGE Life Changing performance unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Hip Hop and Joffrey have are truly amazing relationship. If you are ready to be in Music Videos, Flash mobs, Mega Performances and be trained by the most cutting edge Choreographers that have worked with all of today’s artists then we have made the True Hip Hop Experience for you located in NYC and Florida. Get ready to learn ALL forms of Hip Hop and be hired by today’s working professionals.

Lastly but not least there are two major intensives that are unlike any other in the world and those are the Pre-Professional and JBS Experience. When immersion into classical ballet training with working professionals in a small class setting is your passion then the Pre-Professional program will drive you unlike any other. Train with NYC’s top working professionals in Classical Ballet Companies and train like them by them daily. Train like a pro to become a pro by NYC’s working classical dance professionals. The JBS Experience is just that a truly UNIQUE dance intensive. Imagine the Pre-Professional Program with Contemporary Ballet, Jazz & Contemporary and Musical Theater instructed by the top working professionals in NYC to train you to be the most well rounded dancer to enters today’s challenging working dance world. Be ready to work unlike you have ever worked before.


The criteria above all relate to the program, but the biggest deciding factor when determining which summer dance intensive is best for a beginner to pre-professional dancer is each dancer’s own maturity, experience and personal dance goals. 

As a beginner, you may not be sure of your long term goals or which program will be most beneficial for you over the long term, but you probably do have some areas of dance you are most interested in pursuing. Because we offer so many styles, you can pick the program that best aligns with your long term goals and interests. The more advanced dancer has a good idea of their learning goals and it is more likely their choice will be guided by the style of training and artistic excellence of the faculty.

Experience is an important consideration as well. If most of your dance experience is in ballet, for instance, you may wish to pursue a ballet intensive. On the other hand, if you’re looking to broaden your horizons, you may want to consider an intensive in another style. Either way, you’ll work with world-class instructors, receiving one on one corrections and instruction in a small group setting of just 25 – 30 dancers, and will have an experience that will allow you to grow as a dancer and as a person.

From the maturity perspective, all of Joffrey Ballet School’s summer dance intensives are well supervised. So for a young or beginning, intermediate or advanced dancer who seeks to train with top instructors in New York City, any of our dance intensives in the city are an excellent opportunity to gain exposure to world-class professionals and performances. 

And unlike other similar New York-based  programs offered by other schools, our dancers are well-chaperoned, with meals and ground transportation provided. We’ve been offering these programs for more than 60 years and we know how to provide a safe and enriching experience for dancers at every level.

So, which summer dance intensive is best for you? 

As you can see, there’s not a simple answer to the question of which summer dance intensive is best for You. It’s a highly individual question, the answer to which will be determined by your own goals and experience, your maturity, the instructors you’d like to study and styles you’d like to study, and which location you most want to visit. By considering each of these criteria carefully, you’ll make a decision that most benefits you as a dancer and as a person.

Learn more about our 2020 Summer Dance Intensives

Summer Ballet Intensive vs Summer Ballet Camp – How Do They Compare?

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Summer Ballet Intensive vs Summer Ballet Camp – How Do They Compare?

When you’re considering dance-related activities for your summer break, there are two main options you can consider: summer ballet intensives and summer dance camps. Both can be a great way to spend time this summer. But which will take you further with your dance training?

If you’re considering these two options, you’re probably wondering “how does a summer dance intensive compare to summer ballet camp?” Let’s compare these options and consider them in terms of your goals as a dancer.

Summer Ballet Intensive or Summer Ballet Camp?

How would you rather spend your time this summer? Working part time on dance while engaging in other activities such as canoeing or camping? Or being fully immersed in dance, taking multiple dance classes during the day, watching great dance performances in the evening, and meeting other dancers just as dedicated to their art as you?

The answer to the above questions will depend a great deal on your goals as a dancer and where you are in your development. If you’re a beginner to intermediate dancer who enjoys learning about dance but isn’t ready to dedicate yourself to your art just yet, a summer ballet camp might be a great way to spend a few weeks this summer.

But if you’re a more advanced dancer or want to make big advances in your dance styles and or just really want to be challenged than a summer dance intensive is perfect for you. Many dancers dream of dancing professionally or semi-professionally and summer intensives put you much closer to that goal. At Joffrey our summer dance intensives have beginner, intermediate, advanced, and pre-professional levels. This really allows any dancer who truly wants to be immersed in dance to be taken to the next level in their artistry.

A Day in the Life at Summer Ballet Intensive (AGES 10 – 25)

There are a number of significant differences between a summer ballet intensive and summer ballet camp, beginning with the admissions process. Admissions to a summer ballet intensive are competitive; dancers are selected by audition. At the Joffrey, our auditions are held in major cities around the world, and for those unable to travel, video auditions are also available.

Once admitted, a typical day at a summer ballet intensive begins early. You’ll wake up in your dorm room, which you’ll most likely share with at least one other dancer. The dorm accommodations are typically similar to – or actually are – college dorm rooms. You’ll need to dress in your dance uniform and grab breakfast early enough to digest it before classes begin at 9am. You’ll be in class until 4:30, with a break for a light lunch or snack. 

Classes in a summer ballet intensive are taught by highly reputable dance professionals from top ballet schools and dance companies. Courses could include ballet or pointe technique, partnering, variations in classical dance or repertory. Other dance styles also may be covered, such as modern, character or jazz. And your strength and flexibility will also be developed through classes such as Pilates.

In the evenings, summer ballet intensive students will be able to partake of a range of activities. Of particular interest will be the opportunity to attend professional dance performances by some of the world’s best companies. Other cultural opportunities will also abound, depending on the location of your intensive.

A summer ballet intensive typically lasts at least two weeks, and can last as long as seven weeks depending on the intensive. Because students are living independently in a dorm room situation, the Joffrey has superb meals plans on campus unlike any other summer intensive. The Joffrey also have Chaperones and RA’s supervision after class to ensure the safety and security of the dancers well being. Generally, an intensive is more suitable for dancers between the ages of 10 and 25; from middle or high school to college or pre-professional dancers. However, we have seen many dancers begin as early as 8 years of age and do very well in the programs.

Summer Ballet Camp – A Different Experience (AGES 3-7)

A summer ballet camp, on the other hand, is a completely different type of experience. Summer ballet camp is much more like a traditional summer camp. Campers register in advance, but no auditions are required to be admitted.This is much less stressful on the younger dancer and their parents. At Joffrey we employ the same high level of educators at the Camps as we do at the intensives.

At Joffrey they may also have opportunities to attend field trips, some of which may include theater or dance performances. The dancers still have superb opportunities to perform and have a similar experience to the dance intensive but with a softer mothering touch.

How Does a Summer Ballet Intensive Compare to Summer Ballet Camp?

Simply put, a summer ballet intensive is a more rigorous immersion in dance for more focused and serious dancers. A summer ballet camp is a fun introduction to dance for younger students with less dance background. These are some of the differences to consider when asking how a summer ballet intensive compares to summer ballet camp. 

The difference between the two is in the experience and benefits that are being offered. A summer ballet intensive is a significant part of a dancer’s education and can further their preparation for a dance career. A summer ballet camp, on the other hand, is a fun opportunity for younger or less experienced and committed dancers to learn more about dance while having fun away from home. The experience that’s right for you will depend on your progression, focus and goals as a dancer.

Learn more about Joffrey Ballet School’s summer ballet intensives in NYC, San Francisco, Georgia, Colorado, Miami and Tampa. 

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